James N. Butcher, PhD

Queensgate Studios is a great place for aspiring artists to gain skill
and confidence in their work—whether they prefer watercolor, pastels,
or oils.   Linda Bennion is both an accomplished artist and a great
teacher.  That unusual combination—vast artistic experience and an
effective teaching style—is a bonus for those of us at Queensgate.

All you do is show up at the studio—all the necessary painting
materials are on hand. Queensgate has a friendly atmosphere. Each
session usually involves 3 or 5 others. Linda selects capable,
friendly staff to assure that the session goes well. For me, that
means a cup of coffee (others, of course, tea) and assistance with
locating endless types of brushes and other materials.  Her assistants
are artists themselves with varied backgrounds (including Ming, a
Chinese opera singer).

An added benefit is being able to observe high quality paintings
produced by other students. Almost magically, my paintings get a boost
in quality working side by side with such talented individuals.
Everyone profits from Linda’s consultation and observant eye.  I
benefit particularly from Linda’s “color consultation” because of my
red-green colorblindness. Linda helps me see beyond the grey of some
of those green or red shades.

Over the years Linda gently prodded me from my exclusive use of
watercolors to oils. Without that encouragement I would not have
expanded my repertoire. Now, nine oils later, I enjoy both watercolors
and oils—one of my many gains from Queensgate Studios.

Examples of my paintings—many produced at Queensgate—can be seen in an
online exhibition at: